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A New Technique
Using the REACH Manual Flosser
By W Bryon Satterfield, DDS, MAGD

The breakthrough design of the REACH Flosser, used with the biting technique, has corrected these problems, making flossing as easy as brushing.
The long handle and angled head are big improvements, but THIS IS THE KEY (REACH designers don’t know about this technique): BITE THE FLOSS INTO PLACE. This gives you enormous control to prevent your going too far and hurting your gum tissue- the main fear when flossing. We control our jaw movements way better than we control our hand, finger and arm movements.

Hold the Flosser like your toothbrush; position the floss on  the contact between any two teeth. Gently bite down on the top of the floss holder. The floss easily pops through the contact. To remove, keep the floss head in contact with the opposite teeth and open a short distance quickly. The floss pops back out. This works in every contact, on upper and lower teeth.

Using this flosser is not nearly so easy without this biting technique.
Practice in front of a mirror on front teeth first. You will get the feel of it quickly and won’t need the mirror.  Once you are comfortable using the Flosser technique, gently push, and then pull the floss against each tooth while you are moving your jaw up and down, 3-4 times, flossing.

Use the disposable floss head until the floss breaks. Rinse it off after each use. REACH said to use a new one every time, but it is good for several uses. I used my first floss head for twelve complete flossings.

A few patients informed me that they had to use a new head every time because they had rough contacts that break the floss. That can be fixed. I can smooth your contacts easily with a Proflex Scaling Strip and no drilling or anesthetic. Ask at your next cleaning appointment. The Hygienist can do this, too. I will be glad to smooth your contacts for no charge. You ought to get more than one complete flossing from each head.

The REACH Company did not consult me about their design and I have not contacted them about the biting technique or my review. I have absolutely no financial interest in their company.

The REACH Flosser and biting technique makes flossing SUPER easy. Think about what this could do for you. Almost everyone I see tells me they want to floss daily. Try out this flosser and biting the floss into place. It will improve your oral health and quality of life!

Bryon Satterfield, a dentist with decades of experience: things work!  Taught part time at the UT Dental School for 16 years.  Dentistry by appointment in The Woodlands, TX.  Visit our website: docsatterfield.com, or call 281-363-1571.