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   Gum Tissue Recession on Two Teeth 

4 things cause the most recession and root exposure:


         Slight, level recession is normal.  Healthy gum tissue is a fixed distance from the bone.  Your gum tissue level reflects the bone level underneath.

2. Brushing Too Hard

   Abrasion and Recession on Two Teeth

         Never use a hard toothbrush!  Soft or extra soft only.  The Sonicare electric toothbrush is the kindest to gum tissue.  Never use a toothpaste without the ADA Seal of Approval, either.  The Seal assures the abrasive is not too rough.

3. Periodontal Disease

  Note no recession in Early Stage

          This is bone loss underneath the gum tissue, caused by bacteria, not brushing and flossing enough and genetics.  Get checked at your dentist to be sure you don’t have it.  Recession here is advanced disease.

 4. Your Bite       

   Normal Contact Between Teeth      

          Hitting too hard on one tooth causes recession, and often notches in the root of the tooth itself.  Grinding your teeth can cause recession around all your teeth.  A nightguard made by your dentist is needed to stop it.

         A deep overbite can cause gum tissue recession, too.  The teeth actually contact the opposing soft tissue, exposing the roots of teeth.  Braces are usually required to fix the cause; sometimes a nightguard is enough.

 Most recession does not need treatment.  To tell if it does, answer these 4 questions:

          1. Is the tooth sensitive?

         2. Is the gum tissue sensitive?

         3. Do food particles stick to the area after eating?

         4. Does it look bad to you?

If any ‘yes’ answer is important enough to you, see your dentist and hygienist and get it fixed!  Most fixes are one appointment.  Your teeth are important.  Take care of the surrounding gum tissue and bone to keep them your entire life.  You have only one chance!

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