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Temporary Crowns Coming Off?

What’s with temporary crowns coming off?  Last week I tried to remember the last time a temporary crown I made came off.  I couldn’t.  More than five years ago?  It’s been a really long time.  One patient fractured the back quarter of one off last year.  The rest of it stayed on.

ImageTemporary Crowns Should Fit as Good as the Permanent Crown!

I get temporaries to stay on even very short teeth.  The keys:  superb fit, retention grooves in the real tooth, solid contact between teeth, anatomic grooves restored in the temporary crown and polished to super smooth.  They just don’t come off.

What an inconvenience, losing a temporary crown!  The tooth is sensitive, an extra appointment, maybe with numbing.  Temporary crowns should stay on with no problem.  I don’t use any super cement for them.  It has to be weaker than the permanent cement, but it should not be an excuse for the temporary crown to come off.

Here’s what you should expect from your temporary crown:

        1. Stays in place securely until the permanent crown is ready.

        2. No sensitivity.

        3. No food trapping.

        4. Looks and feels like your own natural teeth, or better!

If cold drinks, food or air cause discomfort, the edge of the temporary crown is probably short of the margin.  Shouldn’t happen.Image

If food traps between teeth, there is a gap allowing it.  Shouldn’t happen.  The gum tissue will get sore and bleed easily.  Not a good thing when the permanent cr own is being cemented.

My goal for how good a temporary crown should look on a front tooth is this:  it shouldn’t attract attention at normal speaking distance and look like it could be one of your own teeth.  Any temporary crown can be veneered with composite to get it to blend in with your natural teeth.  I have to do this regularly to put the three natural shades in the temporary crown.

I take literally my job to “restore” teeth.  Even temporary crowns.  They should stay on- and be at least reasonably like your own or better.  Don’t settle for less!  Your teeth are too important.

Image   W Bryon Satterfield, DDS, MAGD

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